Knife Hunter 1st Annual Big Buck Contest!

Its late August, and you Die Hard hunters are getting ready for archery season all over the country. Here in parts of SC deer season opens early on 8/15.  This contest is open to all that score a legally harvested buck, and meet the following requirements.

You post here as often as you like. Share experiences past, and present, funny stories, camping etc. These will help you in the event that there are multiple deer of equal quality taken.

The winner will be the person that is signed up on, or another knife forum that is at least 18 years of age, post the picture of the largest legally harvested Buck that they killed and can prove it.  We will need multiple dated pics with you in them.  The more the better... from the field, in transit, at home, dressed etc. All of the photos may, or may not appear on this site as this contest is open on private forums too.  Also, cause I want the young ones out there too....If you take a child, and he/she wins then the legal adult that guided will be eligible.

The winner will be solely decided by Knife hunter LLC, rules subject to change, only where legal, no purchase necessary to enter. Use common sense, ethics, and OBEY ALL GAME LAWS.  Knife Hunter LLC is Not responsible for any misfortune, heart break, break ups, divorce,  physical or mental injuries in any case for any reason cause you waive all that and more for being a willing participant  in this friendly on-line contest etc.

Now go chase some tail. 

.  Cheaters will be run through, disqualified and openly roasted at the camp fire. 

As, some of you have til Jan 1 2014 to fill your tags I will bump and have a last call for pics shortly afterwards.

The winner will receive a free  Game Warden sized Scrap Yard Elmax 340.

ETA: The winner was kdstrick.

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