New and unused  Busse Combat Rare Fat Satin Ash-1 with Magnum Green and Black G-10 handles.  These are very unique and rare. Normally, a blade with this much work would have the Custom Shop logo on them, but these have the hardier Combat Logo on them. All of them were done by Garth and have the sticker to prove it.  

This is a very small run of Fat Satin Ash's.  The fat ash, or combat grade ASH-1 was originally .32" thick coated, and only the LE/ Limited Edition that was only .22" thick was satin. So, if this one were coated it be closer to .34" +.  These are MONSTERS!  

In most instances I only of one of each so don't delay.

Company: Busse Combat

Model:  Ash-1

Edition: Custom Fat Satin Combat Ash-1

Blade Steel: "INFI"

Blade Length:6.5"

OAL overal length: 12"

blade thickness:.32"+ 


Edge: Convex

Handle material: Green and Black G-10 Mags

weight: 21.5 oz



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Busse Combat Rare Fat Satin Ash-1 Ranger

  • Brand: Busse Combat
  • Product Code: Green and Black G10
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
  • $797.00