Busse Combat Knife Company Snakeskin Model Release
Today, I listed some incredible models by Busse Combat Knife Company for you here at knfehunter.com.  You will find some very desirable, some one of a kind, pieces with snakeskin micarta along with some others with a beautifully dyed buckeye burl. Please use the search bars at the top, and along the side for navigation. Currently, the default page that opens is of latest knives, and its pulling from the sold list too. So, until this is remedied its best to use the navigation bars so that current in stock items are the only ones shown. Have a great day. ..
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Hey Everyone, I\'m really excited about the new look of knifehunter.com, and  working with Level One Web Design.  I think the site looks great, and I hope you do as well.  Please stay tuned as hundreds of knives will be uploaded in the coming weeks, and months.  If you have a second,and aren\'t already signed up please do so.  I look forward to assisting many new customers in the years to come, and as always appreciate everyone that has supported me in the past and continues to do so now.  Thank you all, and have a wonderful week.   From Sunny..
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