Knife Hunter Contact Information

Knife Hunters,

It appears I am having a little difficulty receiving some emails through the system here at, or possibly some are having difficulty with the code at bottom of the contact page.  Please make sure, after you enter your question, name, and email that after you hit continue at the bottom, that you are taken to a different page that will state, \" Your message has been sent to the store owner\".  If you arent taken to that page then you must re-enter the new code at bottom of contact page and resubmit.  I apologize to anyone this has happened too, or that has had difficulty. The last thing I want is to have someone feel like their question was ignored, but in todays computer age I have to have some level of protection.  So, if its easier for you please feel free to contact me at the following:

Also, If you wish to speak with me directly you can call me at (571)-261-5346 Monday through Friday 9-5pm EST.

Thank you,

Trevor McNeal


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